Custom Computers - Services we provide:


         Web design Service - we have designed hundreds of websites and are experts in hosting and servicing future expansion, no site is too small or large, we can buy your name and host the site on our unlimited servers based in The U.S.A.

         Laptop Repair Service - we have thousands of parts from dismantled laptops which we can use to repair your problems, we work on any Laptop, Apple Macs, Windows based, Linux based.

         Laptop Parts (mail order if required) - we supply by mail order any laptop part and accept PayPal payments for such.

         New Computer Components. - On stock with our sister company Customconsumables

         Computer Repairs service (no job too small) - From a re-install (although we do not supply software) to a motherboard or any large component  replacement we can provide a fast service and turn you round within a day on most occasions.